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Thank you for your interest in our P.V.S. steel for underground and corrosive fume ductwork. We have been supplying the trades with this coated steel since 1968, when we developed it. Our P.V.S. steel is available with either a 4x1 or 4x4 coating as standard. Special thicknesses are available on request. As you can see from the diagram below, the coating is heat fused to the primer, which is also heat fused to the galvanized metal after cleaning and treating. We have been doing the coating in house since 1971. This allows us to carefully control the quality of our product by monitoring all aspects of the process, as well as enabling us to supply material that can be made into duct that can carry the U/L label. 48" and 60" wide coils and sheets 60" and narrower are also available.

The P.V.S. Coating Process

1. Begins with hot dipped galvanized steel, G-60 or better that is cleaned and trated for coating.
2. Then a special primer is baked onto both sides.
3. Finally, a special 4 mil. Polyvinyl chloride coating is baked onto either one side (4x1) or both sides (4x4).

Our coatings are formulated to prevent mold growth and to meet U/L spec. 181 for flame spread and smoke developed.

P.V.S. Literature
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