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About Us
Wheeling Service & Supply was founded in 1956, a family business, started as a HVAC company and progressed to a metal fabrication company. Wheeling Service & Supply developed a ground breaking product in the early 1960's to be used for ventilation purposes and was trademarked as P.V.S..  P.V.S., a plastic (PVC) coated metal to be formed into duct work for heating, air conditioning, and corrosive fume exhaust. In 1971 the first coating line to process our own PVS metal was installed. Since then, we have expanded to 2 coating lines, and also doing toll processing of other types of coatings, and metals.

Quality & Service
Our quality and service is guaranteed. Let us tell you how we process your order and maintain our high-end quality control levels.
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Our Facilities
Our facilities are located in Chicago's Northwestern suburbs. For specific contact information click the more info link below.

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